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Spermotogram analysis

The morphology of the spermogram is an analysis of spermatozoa including determination of its physical properties and microscopy, which allows to identify various violations in the process of spermatogenesis.
On the basis of the analysis it is possible to make a conclusion about the presence of various diseases of the reproductive and genitourinary system in men.
Spermogram analysis with morphology is assigned in the following cases:
1. Infertile marriage (male factor). Marriage can be called infertile if the pregnancy does not occur after a year of sexual life without the use of contraceptives.
2. Male infertility (hormonal disorders, injuries, infections, prostatitis, varicocele).
3. Preparation for artificial insemination.
4. Planning a pregnancy.
5. Desire of a man to check on fertility.
For successful fertilization of the sperm egg must be not only dynamic and in sufficient quantities, but should also have a healthy morphology.
Cost of the analyses
• Morphology analysis of spermatozoa- KZT 3,500
• Definition of MAR test - KZT 4,500
• Urgent spermogram analysis (within 2 hours) - KZT 15,000

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