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Dear friends!

Welcome to the M1 Human Reproduction Clinic.

We thank you for the trust you have given us by choosing our Clinic and entrusting yourself to our care. Our goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere during your treatment, providing an individual approach to each couple, minimizing stress and fear of treatment.

Your health is our most valuable asset, and therefore we provide assistance at the highest professional level by using modern technologies, methods and knowledge of contemporary medical science.

Your belief in positive results, consistent and individual approach to treatment, confidence in the ability of our doctors, nurses and employees of the embryological laboratory and close cooperation, as well as compliance with internal regulations will contribute your treatment to be effective and successful.

Throughout the treatment, you will be taken care of by a team of highly qualified professionals headed by your physician, who will prescribe the best diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

You have the right to be fully informed about your health status and to receive information on all options available for examination and treatment.

Our Clinic guarantees you the privacy and protection of all your personal data. The treatment will be conducted delicately with maximum respect for your personal life.

The attending physician may disclose your health information only to those persons whom you indicate in writing. Taking into account the confidentiality, it is necessary to specify in a timely manner those to whom this information can be provided.

Before visiting a doctor or before coming to the operating room for the procedure, please submit your identity document.

The patient is obliged to pay the cost of the provided medical services in accordance with the current price list of the Clinic. Our goal is to minimize the financial burden of the patient and to establish clear and unambiguous prices for predicting the final cost.

All payments must be made in accordance with the conditions set out in the individual explanations of the treatment, usually no later than the day of the procedure, before it, otherwise the procedure can not be implemented. Exceptions may be made only with the permission of the Director of the Clinic. Payments are accepted in KZT in cash and credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard).

Before entering the doctor's office, do not leave your things in the waiting room, take them with you; there is a place to store them in the office. The clinic is not responsible for items left in the waiting room.

Without special need do not take large sums of money, items made of precious metals, credit cards, etc., especially if you spend some time on the day-patient treatment.

Valuables can be stored in the safety deposit box at the reception, if necessary. The registrar will give you a document “On receipt of valuables for storage”, which you specify when you leave the Clinic and be able to get your valuables. Only if this document is available, the Client has the right to compensation for lost values.

Before entering the day-patient treatment, please wait for the nurse who will accompany you to the ward. Give the nurse all the documents and statements regarding the operation.

During your stay at the Clinic, follow the instructions of the staff. Keep your things in the closet that is locked with a key. The key can be attached to a nightgown. While staying for the day-patient treatment, use your underwear (nightgown, panties, slippers). Bed linen shall be changed after each patient.

If you experience symptoms of nausea, press the red button of the phone that is behind the bed and wait for the nurse to come.

Please keep clean throughout the Clinic area. After leaving, leave the room in the proper view. Inform the registrar if you notice that the room is unsuitable for use (dirt, no towels, toilet paper).

Please dispose of garbage only in designated trash cans. Take precautions, using water, lighting, if necessary, alarm equipment, gas pipeline. Take personal hygiene and follow the recommendations of the medical staff.

During your stay at the Clinic, please follow the rules of public communication. Be aware of the privacy and rights of other patients. The Clinic's management regularly monitors customer satisfaction with the services, taking note of your suggestions, and uses the results in case of comments or complaints.

In case of fire or other emergency, please notify the Clinic immediately and follow its instructions.

These Internal regulations of the M1 Clinic are valid from 01.01.2018. Integral part of the Internal regulations is a list of the rights and obligations of the patient. Failure to comply with Internal regulations may lead to premature termination of treatment in the Clinic.

We wish you a successful treatment!

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