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Donor germ cells or embryos are sometimes the only chance to become parents for many married couples. Donor programs of our Clinic include the donation of germ cells – sperm cells and eggs.

Egg donation is used in cases when the ovaries do not produce their own eggs (in violation of function, developmental defects, premature aging or due to old age), as well as in cases of repeated unsuccessful attempts of artificial fertilization due to poor quality of embryos. Egg donation is also used for the risk of hereditary diseases transfer.

Egg donation is used in cases where the husband's sperm does not contain sperm cells, or is very poor in quality, as well as at the risk of hereditary diseases. Donor sperm can be used for artificial insemination, IVF cycle or ICSI.

Cost of the services:

  • Donor oocyte (1 oocyte - fresh)

  • Donor sperm (1 batch)

  • Donor oocytes (1 culm cryopreserved 3 oocytes )

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