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Modern reproduction uses all the latest developments to enable people who have been previously considered infertile to bear and give birth to their own child. One such method is cryopreservation. The essence of the technology is deep freezing of cells and tissues in liquid nitrogen at -196°C with the possibility of subsequent thawing and use. All biological processes in the cells stop, the life cycle stands still, and this makes it possible to long-term storage of the material until it is in demand.

Cryopreservation is used during the procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to preserve excess embryos for their subsequent replanting. In addition, the method is used for a number of indications for preservation of fertile sperm or eggs. The main objective of cryopreservation in reproduction is to increase the chances of pregnancy in women who for one reason or another can not get pregnant in the traditional way.

Cost of cryopreservation services :

  • Cryopreservation (vitrification) of up to 5 embryos

  • Cryopreservation (vitrification) of 6-10 embryos

  • Cryopreservation of testicular sperm cells

  • Cryopreservation of ejaculate (including 6 months of storage)

  • Cryopreservation (vitrification) of oocytes

  • Cost of cryopreserved embryo transfer program

  • Thawing of embryos

  • Cultivation of thawed embryos

  • Presciption of stimulation scheme, ultrasound monitoring of folliculogenesis

  • Transfer of thawed embryos

  • Assisted hatching

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